Cal Blast is quickly become Southern California premier blast facility catering solely to the automotive restoration crowd.   Although we specialize in Soda blasting, we also offer other alternative medias for various needs.  Unlike some of the other Soda strippers you might find online, everything you see on this site is OUR work.  You will not see the same Coca Cola truck or Memorial Statue here. Approximately 80% of our work is done for professional builders, fabricators, and paint shops.  We have become the sub contractor for these shops to do the dirtiest job of any restoration, the paint removal.

“What is better, soda blasting or media blasting?”  First of all Soda Blasting is media blasting.  Media blasting, simply stated, is shooting media (baking soda, plastic, sand, garnet, glass bead, aluminum oxide, walnut shells, etc.) through a pressurized hose for the purpose of coating removal.  The coatings to be removed could be paint, bondo, undercoat, rust, adhesive,  powder coating, anodizing, carbon buildup, oil, grease, or even just a bad odor.  It is very important that you match the correct Media to what coating you are removing, as well as to what you are removing the coating from, this is called the substrate.

Soda blasting is actually Bicarbonate of Soda, more commonly called Baking Soda.  If you have that little yellow box of Arm & Hammer in your fridge or freezer, you’re already familiar with baking soda. In fact, Cal Blast proudly uses several Arm & Hammer media products under the name of Armex.  Armex has several blasting medias that have moisture inhibitors, flow additives,  and various formulations for different substrates.  The main advantage to baking soda is that it is not an abrasive like the other medias listed before.  Soda is actually a crystal.  Instead of grinding off coatings like other medias, Soda actually fractures when it hits the coating and pops the coating off, leaving the substrate smooth, with little to no profiling.  We can actually soda blast right over glass and chrome without pitting or damaging it.  Since traditional medias are abrasive, they create heat while they are stripping.  This heat can cause warping costing hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix.  There is no heat generated  with Soda Blasting, therefore no warping.