At Cal Blast, we try to provide more services than your typical media blaster. We are car guys doing work for car guys. We will do the job the right way, or we won’t do the job. We don’t do “quickies”. We do jobs the way we would do our own projects. With this mindset, it’s no wonder that 80% of our jobs are for the industry professional. We do work for paint shops, fabricators, builders, as well as the DIY guy.

Our basic blast job includes the following. Blast all the top surfaces of the car that will be finished in paint ;top and bottom of the hood and trunk lid; all door jams; doors; the shell of the car; fenders; all interior passenger area that will not be covered in upholstery or carpet. We prefer to blast cars with the doors, hood, trunk lid, and fenders removed from the car. We can do a better, more complete job if we receive the car this way. Will we blast a car that is fully assembled? Of course we will, but if you want “everything” blasted, the car needs to be disassembled & stripped.

If you want (or need ) to blast the underside of your vehicle, the only way to do it properly is to remove the body from the frame and mount the body to a rotisserie. This will assure that all old paint, rust, grease and undercoating is removed. While the frame is separated from the body, why not blast it also! Sure you can spend several hours wire brushing and degreasing a frame, but what is your time worth ?

While we have your body on the rotisserie, and it has been stripped to clean metal, why not have us shoot the bottom with an epoxy primer. After blasting your frame, we can have it powder coated for you. Other parts to powdercoat include motorcycle frames, suspension pieces, radiator supports, inner fender wells, and much more.